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Man Bags Jail Term For Removing His Condom During S3x With A Prostitute

A 35-year-old man identified as Lee Hogben, who removed a condom while having sex with a prostitute has been sentence to 12 years in jail.

Hogben was accused of raping his victim by removing a condom against her consent mid-intercourse.

She said he threatened her life when she tried to wriggle free and also told him “I don’t do that – please no” when he took off the condom.

The sex worker was contacted via an online site for adults – she made it clear to Lee that clients must wear protection.

After agreeing on a price, they met at the Royal Bath Hotel in his hometown Bournemouth, Dorset, on January 19 last year.

However, he went against all the laid down conditions by having sex with her without protection and also never paid her for her services.

Prosecutor Jodie Mittell said when the sex worker resisted, Hogben threatened her with violence.

She said:

“Hogben went beyond what was consented to by removing the protection, which the complainant will say was a condition of intercourse.

She repeatedly protested, ‘I don’t do that – please, no’. She tried to wriggle away but he told her to stop. He told her he had beaten people up and robbed people.”

Hogben was arrested the following day after the victim left the hotel and reported to police.

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