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Meet The 77-Year-Old Grandma Who Graduated From UNILAG After She Enrolled Out Of Boredom

Mrs. Bridget Okonji, a 77-year-old retired worker who, on Tuesday, bagged her first-degree certificate at the 50th convocation ceremony of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Akoka, says she enrolled for the programme after her retirement to avoid boredom.

Mrs. Okonji of the Department of Educational Foundations (Guidance Counselling), told journalists that the achievement was her dream come true.

“I studied guidance and counselling and I am most grateful to God Almighty who made me see this day.

“I am a retired officer. I have worked in a lot of countries around the world and also in Nigeria, where I finally retired,’’ Okonji, with Matriculation Number 111305030, said.

She further added that she went for the degree programme because she did not want to sit at home after retirement.

“You know when you retire like that, you will not want to stay at home and be dying slowly, she said.

According to the her, no one should feel too old to go to school as learning remains a life-long adventure.

“Education has no limit. It is from cradle to death in order for one to add value to the society,’’ she said.

Bridget Okonji was among the 1,008 students of the university’s Faculty of Education, who were in the first set of 3,795 students from the Faculties of Arts, Education and Environmental Sciences conferred with the first degree on Tuesday at the ceremony.

Congrats to her!

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