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Teenage Member Narrates How Winners Chapel Pastor Slept With Her In Different Hotels

The head of the Amagba community branch of the Living Faith Church a.k.a Winners Chapel, Benin, Edo State, Pastor Kingsley Emeka Mokwunye, has been arrested alongside his wife, Cynthia, for the alleged defilement of a 17-year-old girl.

The girl, who is the only daughter of her parents yesterday narrated how the pastor introduced her to drinking alcohol.

She was teary while narrating how the illicit affair began in September, 2018, shortly after she finished her secondary education.

She said: “He used to call me to advise me to stay away from boys; to live a good life and always respect my parents. I took it like he was my own father that I could trust and tell anything.

“That was how he started calling me; talking to me till it got to a time he told me that he liked me. I took it as a normal thing. He started taking advantage of me. He told me I did not know what he was doing for me.

“He started showing me things I have not seen before and took me to places I have never been to. He was the first person to show me a condom. He taught me how to take alcohol. He told me not to tell my parents.

“He said they would not understand what he was doing. He slept with me many times including in our house. Thinking about the thing has affected me educationally.

“I could not read. The whole thing was disturbing me. When I told his wife, she said I was lying. I want him to go to jail. I was always shocked anytime I am in church and see him preaching.”

The girl’s father, Paul Obidah, a board chairman at the church, expressed shock that a pastor he trusted so much could destroy his only daughter. “There was a day Pastor Kingsley came to my house, I could smell alcohol from his breath.

“This is a girl that does not go out. She has been in boarding house. We don’t send her to the market. He slept with her even when she was having her menstrual flow.

“What I want my daughter to be, this man has destroyed her. He took detectives to all the hotels he has been taken my daughter to. I want justice,” he said.

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