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Yahoo Yahoo: Singer, Burna Boy Reacts To The Trending Debate

Nigerian singer, Damini Ogulu professionally known by his stage name, Burna boy has weighed in on the controversial “Yahoo Boys” debate on whether their fraudulent activities is justifiable.

Recall that his UK based colleague, Naira Marley, has been under fire for some days now after he said internet fraud aka Yahoo Yahoo is not a crime.

Reacting to the debate that Naira Marley’s comment ignited, Burna Boy in a post shared on Instagram, stated that we have so many problems in the country than giving our support to internet fraudsters.

His words;

Nigeria my country, please, let us get our priorities straught.

I want my children and grandchildren to see Nigeria the way the we see the Western World.

We die everyday at the hands of the police, we are robbed of our rights as human beings daily, our recycled leaders don’t give a fuck about us.

We have real issues that we need to channel our Energy to. I am begging you !

Please let us save ourselves. I don’t even like the internet because it makes me feel a lot of hopelessness for my people.

We are Kings and Queens, orignators and creators, gods on earth!!

Let’s stop bullshittin here please

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