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Tonto’s Estranged Husband, Churchill Features In An Exam Question In UNN

The well publicized marital crisis between Tonto Dikeh and her estranged husband has reached another level of popularity as a lecturer decided to use them as a reference in his exam question.

This exam question was seen in the department of Mass Communication in the University of Nigeria, Enugu.

The question reads;

Churchillz is the proprietor of a marriage counselling organisation, recently his marriage with his wife Tanny hit the rocks, Tanny in the media called Churhillz a wife beater, a womnizer an irresponsible father and a 40-sec-man,

This has drastically reduced the patronage of clients to his organisation which has in turn made his employees to leave. Churhillz approaches your Public Relations agency and consults you, his image is at Stake, His organization is down, he needs your expertise

Well from the ’40-seconds’ reference, it’s safe to assume we know who the lecturer was talking about!!!!!

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