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Celebrities Dazzle For The Bling Lagosians Premiere

Two things, you might either be caught up wondering why bling accessories and clothing are all over Lagos markets or why they are scarce. The recently premiered movie titled ‘The Bling Lagosians’ will be the reason why. Movie premieres these days are coming heavily than just showcasing for the first time, they are coming with themes that cannot be forgotten easily in a span of time. These themes leave the red carpet into the streets as style inspiration for what you would want to look like to your next event. Now you see why there would be a higher demand than usual for bling accessories and clothing huh?



The Bling Lagosians


The theme for ‘The Bling Lagosians‘ premiere was ‘Eko For Show’ which means to show the boogie side of being a Lagosian and you can trust our creative Nigerian designers and blazing hot Nollywood stars to serve us some looks to kill for. Alex Ekubo, Beverly Naya, Chioma Akpotha, Ik Ogbonna and a host of other celebrities dropped it like it’s hot.


Let’s see:


The Bling Lagosians - Ik Ogbonna

Ik Ogbonna 


The Bling Lagosians - Beverly Naya

Beverly Naya


The Bling Lagosians - Chioma Akpotha

Chioma Akpotha


The Bling Lagosians - Alex Ekubo

Alexx Ekubo


The Bling Lagosians - Osa Ajibade

Osas Ajibade


The Bling Lagosians - Bisola



The Bling Lagosians - Timini

Timini (Red Carpet Host)


The Bling Lagosians - Anto Leki



The Bling Lagosians - BamBam



Jimi Odukoya

Jimi Odukoya


The Bling Lagosians - CeeC



Linda Osifo

Linda Osifo





Tana Adelana

Tana Adelana


Teedy A

Teddy A & BamBam


Denola Grey

Denola Grey


The Bling Lagosians - Teni Oluwo

Teni Oluwo (winner of the best dressed guest)


The Bling Lagosians - Daala Oruwari

Daala Oruwari (winner of the best dressed guest)








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