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What Do You Understand About The Misunderstood Alté Culture?

By now everybody’s first thought at the word “Alté”  is ‘alternative,’ at least we have managed to understand that, then the rest of our thoughts as the ‘non-alté’ group of people will be all the traits associated to everything alternative and unconventional.




Urban dictionary defines “alté” as: often misunderstood for a habit, it is a lifestyle; a group of Nigerian youth with a unique sense of fashion and music. Alté fashion embraces a retro and vintage style, but is some how tagged as “new school”. Alté music on the other hand is not mainstream, it is a melodic, whimsy, almost-spiritual groove. The melody and harmony somehow layer over each other, making it a seamless experience in the ear.





A group of trendsetting Nigerian teenagers who adopt a mix of edgy styles such as piercings, baggy pants, dirty sneakers…they enjoy each other’s companies because they tend to get criticized by the ‘non-altés.’ They are party animals and mostly listen to new-age artistes such as Odunsi, Wavythecreator among others. Most of them also have great appreciation for retro music and fashion trends.




It is unarguable to learn that the altés have finally taken over the tag of the coolest kids on the block and there seem to be nothing that can be done about that as a result of their increasing number in emergence. With Lagos as the hub of trends and styles, it is important to realize that the alté world is growing wild and spreading to other parts of the nation as such that they can stand on their own against striving acceptance and criticism.



We are also made to believe the fact that the alté world is misunderstood is the real spice to their sauce. If you don’t fall on the same page with them as regards their dressing, choice of music and lifestyle, maybe you would eventually join them. If-you-can’t-beat-them-you-join-them kind of thing.


The number of fast rising singers, photographers, artists, fashionistas and social media experts you would find amidst the alté kids will make you fascinated by how creative they are and this is making it a limitless pond for the new generation to toss into. The world is evolving!









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