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What Is Your Lagos Story?

“What is your Lagos story?” Which Nollywood sound track did that play in your ears? Ghegheghe gheun!!! This post is going to be a blog series about my Lagos living and I promise you it’s going to be interesting.  For anyone who doesn’t stay in Lagos – I am sure you can connect to this too.


I officially started living in Lagos in 2017 when I kicked off my 1 year Nysc internship programme, not to mention my days of back and forth. Reality was splashed on my face when the hustle to find a place of primary assignment took charge in no time. You know the rest of the story when you are posted to a secondary school in Lagos when iss nor asif you came to Lagos to coman count bridge.


What is your Lagos story


I finally found my feet at one of the top media houses in Lagos, the eight months period of hustle and bustle, fun times, good days and the bad days calls for me to share my Lagos story with you.


The craziest part of living in Lagos that is capable of leaving you with an eternal memory is the transport system (for both with cars and without). I have traveled on land and water in this our Lagos for show. Let me tell you about it.


What is your Lagos story


Okada was the first hand form of transport for me to the main road. That is a no brainer! Buses come in handy to take me from there, keke napep completes my ride from the last bus stop to the street I am headed. I do BRTs at 5am when I must make it on the first row of Eti Osa local government for my Nysc monthly clearance. Yellow cabs come through for me for some quick errand, I slid in taxify cabs every other time too.


Ajah/Ikorodu wrecked boats have taken me to my friend’s house like twice….and as the beach lover that I am, I have gone on cruises a couple of times too. How do you like that?


Follow me Sa’eedah Imam to share your Lagos stories, I’ld really love to read. More interesting stories of my Lagos living coming your way so stay plugged.

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