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10 Sneakers On Blazer Vibe You’ll Like To Jump On

There are no two messages passed across through fashion other than evolution, then we can go on to disseminate its elements which revolve around trends, style and even personality. Treading the path of fashion evolution demands a major drift from what is set aside as a standard because an invention is unimaginable without certain disruptions. Are you ready?


Sneakers on Blazer


This post is aimed at shifting your mind slightly from compulsorily pairing your piece of blazers with those serious-looking sleek black shoes, archaic oxford shoes and brogues. How about a switch to something more contemporary and poise. This transition if embraced is as potent as redefining one’s entire demeanour. It may be deemed casual curating a blazer and sneakers layout for your next appearance till you find yourself clad in a powerful ensemble.


Blazers & Sneakers


A pair of sneakers on a hot blazer is arguably effortless than the regular ceremonial shoes you insist on wearing all the damn time but once the laces are tied, you are good to go to anywhere the other guy goes.


See 10 style inspirations we have drawn from your favourite Nigerian entertainers and other sources below:


Blazers & Sneakers


Blazers & Sneakers


Blazers & Sneakers


Blazers & Sneakers











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