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Cost Of Living In Australia: 5 Things You Must Know As An International Student

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Since getting the US visa in Nigeria has become a near-impossible task, Germany, Canada and Australia have become the best destination options for Nigerians – especially for studies. While getting an Australian visa in Nigeria is not a walk in the pack, it’s not entirely a wild goose chase.

Australia offers a fair share of a chance to immigrants – prospective students to Australia have even a much bigger opportunity. So, it isn’t entirely surprising that applications for the Australian visa in Nigeria have surged especially recently.

Unfortunately, nearly 45% of these applications are turned down. Why? Well, you can say they do not meet the requirements.

Remarkably, the majority of Nigerians that apply for the Australian visa from Nigeria have limited knowledge of what it requires. Most don’t apply due diligence in research. While a few of them don’t even know some basic facts like the cost of living in Australia.

Why You Need to Know the Cost of Living in Australia

After you have determined your purpose of travel and the destination, the next thing to do is research! This isn’t a sermon – it’s a fact, a law!

You don’t go to another man’s land ignorant of what obtains there – or at least a few facts about the place. Unless you want to learn the hard way.

Important information you must gather before you travel to a country like Australia is the cost of living in Australia. While Australia isn’t as expensive to live in as the United States and the United Kingdom, it has its fair-share of expensiveness.

Agreed, Australia is one of the countries with the best standard of living in the world. But unless you researched, you wouldn’t know that there’s a wide gap between living in Sydney and living in Queensland – both in Australia. The former affords you the luxury of city life but burdens you with the cost that comes with it. Meanwhile, the latter relieves you of the huge cost of living in the city but torments you with the slump life of the suburb.

So, you see? Knowing the cost of living in Australia will guide your choice of which part of the country to settle in. It determines a whole lot. From preparing yourself financially while still in Nigeria to learning the savings culture over there.

That said, living in Australia as an international student from Nigeria is relatively affordable. This is especially if you do or did live in Nigeria’s costly cities – Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Lagos. You can bear the cost of living in most parts of Australia.

But not to get too excited. It’s entirely a different affair in Australia’s biggest cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide. These are the cities where you can spend away from your life if you‘re not careful – it’s simply expensive to live there.

Sydney, for instance, ranks on the list of top 10 most expensive cities to live in the world according to UBS. So, it isn’t an all comer’s affair living there. Before you take a step in pursuit of your studies in Australia, note these 5 key points about the cost of living in Australia.

Cost of Rent in Australia


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