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Real Reason Why Burna Boy Attacked Davido Revealed

We are not surprised at Burna Boy’s unwarranted attack at Davido. The African Giant as Burna Boy’s catchy moniker goes is very proud and arrogant and this is something he unleashes on anyone depending on his mood.

Burna Boy attacked Davido when he announced his upcoming project in July. Taking to Twitter to shade him, Burna Boy suggested that Davido is a wack artiste whose music career what made possible by his billionaire death.

July will be very funny, and I shall laugh accordingly. You cannot play football, everybody knows you cannot play and you are an embarrassment to the team. But your daddy bought the football team” 

Burna Boy mocked on Twitter.

Burna Boy’s unwarranted behaviour has angered Nigerians who have blasted him for taking his uncouth behaviour everywhere his ego directs him. Ultimately, it was unanimously concluded that he’s merely jealous of Davido’s success.

It has now come to light that Burna Boy made the comment moment after Davido declared himself and Wizkid as the two greatest Nigerians artistes of all time.



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