Good day everybody.
This passage of the Bible has always bothered me. Lots of Men of God are silent on it. What does this passage mean to us as Christians? How does it affect women in the Church in the modern ages?

1st Timothy Chapter 2 verse 12 KJV.
12.But I permit not a woman to teach.
Nor to have authority over the man.
But to be in silence.

Brothers and sisters how can we explain this passage in relation to the number of women who will stand on the pulpit today and teach the gospel?
Are they going against the word of God?
Can a woman preach the gospel or Pastor a church? What is/are the role (s) of women in the church and the home in relation to this passage?

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Hmmmmmmmm GOD take control
Teach where oO??????? Not auz of God! I guess.
Thats in the Old testament... Well can't judge only God knows

so as Christians we'r not meant to abide by the old testament?

Cherish Juliet is 1st Timothy in old testament? It shows how conversant u r with ur bible. be small thing...

This is a good citing but I urge all date members who have read this to read text well well.





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