Blog Reader's Hubby is Threatening to Send her Packing [Your Advice Needed]

Hello Naijablogger, kudos on the nice work you are doing. God bless you and your home. I have a little problem - my husband is threatening to send me packing just after 8months of marriage. I'm yet to have my white wedding though we were planning it to come by next year February.  
An old friend (male) called me one morning. He actually brought me my phone because I was busy in the kitchen. Hubby stood right in front of me so I panicked not knowing he heard the voice over the line. NB I have absolutely nothing with this caller.  
I had to change the whole discussion not knowing hubby took the number and called. To cut the long story short, he confirmed it was a man that called and concluded I was cheating. I even had to tell him the truth thinking he will believe me me but he is still insisting I cheated and is still cheating. I feel so bad my parents all know about this and no one believes me. Please I need advice on how to save my marriage. Thanks in anticipation.

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Sounds like he's bn looking for an excuse to end d marriage cos I dnt see d reason why dis(if its exactly how it happened) is a big problem to end a marriage or u've bn doing something suspicious which brought abt dis trust issues...anyway,try and reason with him and use any means to make him understand 

Its two ways.

Its either you have once given him the reason to doubt you, or he's trying to push you off, looking for reasons to do so.

However, PRAY ABOUT IT, try bring up a discussion concerning the issue but if the discussing isn't yielding any positive result, don't hesitate to talk about it to people he respects so much.

Why panic just cz a male called? Have you ever given him cause to suspect you? Take time to sit and explain things to him if your hands are clean.

What kinda man just up and conclude that his wife is cheating, just because she received a call from the opposite sex? Na wa o

Even if you have cheated before.. That aint enough reason to make rash conclusions like that... It's crazy

This might sound somehow. But, maybe you, yourself need to start re-considering things

You should have a one-on-one with him so he'll explain why he doesn't trust you at all, and you explain why you had to lie to him.
It seems this kinda thing has always been an issue.
Your details are a bit sketchy though, so I can't really guess at what may be wrong.

My dear your story is incomplete. What you have not said is more. Men don't just suspect their women, infact most men don't even believe their wive can cheat, hence they don't monitor or look out for the signs. If your man suspects you, it is because you have given him a reason too. This incidence you mentioned here is another of a series of prior incidences that must have heighten his suspicion of you. He can't take this decision based on just one incident. You even exposed yourself further by stating your family do not believe you. Lol. mama. Your parents not believing you cast serious aspersions on your character. Pray, Repent, get a someone your husband respects to intervene, but most importantly, live proper. 

Has anyone noticed that most men of this our time are just childish and immature.pls he is just looking for loopholes from you so he can divorce you. Shine your eyes, you are a beautiful woman and deserve the best 

It's unfortunate that when issues erupt in a relationship, people look up to the Man. (I have no qualms) However, there's a saying that when you suspect your spouse to be cheating...then, she's actually cheating. Cheating may not necessarily translate into actual sexual intercourse. It may even be 'SexTing' (Sex-Chat, or Phone Sex). Why will a Married woman engage in this kind of thing with a stranger? I feel she has more to do on convincing her Man of her Fidelity...She needs to weep n talk to him mildly with the right words. Best wishes.
Anyway I shuld jst describe dis as pur e infidelity women u re dissapointment to marital union. A married woman receivin a call from a stranger in her matrimonial home dats destruction to her marriage she shuld hv made it open to her husband at d first instance if she is really nt havin an affair wit d man. Let me advise u call d guy to ur husband presence and clear all doubt if u claimed to be innocent of d accusation leveld against u if nt if I were ur husband d marriage is over
Kill him
Abeg mke una free dis talk aw wld a random guy u av nutn 2 do wit call u 1 morning nd u end up changing discussion sef nd still yt no frend of urs cn verify dat u av nutn 2 do wit dis man nd u xpect us 2 bliv ur stort. Sorry I jst can't, stop painting ur husband as a vilian.
1st, am sure she's had sex with her present husband b4 marriage

2nd, am sure he didn't had sex with her at 1st as a virgin

3rd, am definitely sure dat he has caught her in such suspicious act b4, cos 4 crying out loud no man is stupid enuf to marry a woman he dislikes cos only hatred culd make him do such datz if its true, nd if my conclusionz r correct, I see no reason 4 her husband to bliv dat dia isn't a nigga out dia whose beta in bed dan him. Our generation is soooo corrupt dat women only go 4 men dat can satisfy dem sexually, not trying to say she a whore bt charity begins @home so if her parent don't trust her, den I don't trust her...


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