This is a very controversial issue, hence I decided to share. This lady met a guy and within 2weeks she went to spend a night in his house but, according to her, she told him no sex. See her story below:

"I'm so worried about this. I spent a night at a guy's house and the following morning I felt really funny all over, especially in my private area like someone who has had penetration.
He's someone I met two weeks ago and was planning to date but told him I wasn't ready for sex yet. I've been having this uneasy feeling since the morning I left his house that he took advantage of me during the night without my knowledge. 
"I keep having these images in my head. I know he gave me a lot of alcohol the previous night and he told me later he carried me to bed, though I woke up in the same clothes. I asked him if anything happened between us that night and he said no, but I'm not convinced."

What do you think....did the guy actually do what she is suspecting?

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Na waw for her ooO! Wetin carry her go the nigga house sef ? She no get house ni ?? Abeg she don enjoy am that's she dey share dis sh!t
FucKing IdiooT

Call me 4 For Any advise

See dis girl ohh, watin carry u go sleep there. Two weeks.haba.
Hmmmm na wa 4 u Ooº°˚˚°ºoº°˚˚˚°ºoO so dat is how u go abt sleeping with guys u just met dats why u arein support of her decision....wht she did was bad if she Knws she weren't ready 4 sex why spend the nite its her fault if sometin really happened.
We can't say its her imagination,and she wasn't feeling like that when she got there,so its obvious. He did something to her.
D guy dun open d gurl KOLO
He must have entered your london. Hoping he used a visa. To be sure you safe. You drank too much, so you got what you deserved. Sleeping in his house wirhin two weeks... Too fats and furious... Are you sure you don't want it? Cos when you say no sex, it stimulates the animal in men. You know boyz nah. Its only sad cos he just ejculated. Like fucking a brand new corps. Well if you were druged and concouse I bet you'll want more. Pleasures of sin ya? So, choose to give such a chance again or try to avoid awoof especially with a stranger. Peace out!
This aint a story to comment about jooor .........she wnt to a guy house..and she dunno if se had a direct or indirect sex ..abeg she shld go seee a docs or priest...#abeg any good news ?
Lmao @ Ahmed, can i call u 4 advise too?
Wht r u sayin self u met a guy in undown 2wk nd u whn 2 spend d nyt wit him?? Whn u were going dere wht du u ave in mind?? Dat u will go dere 2 play wit he's inteligent right? Well he played wit urs dear hahahaha
No mind the mumu 95% of girls dat say no sex end up hving sex


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