Readers mail: Honda Accord or Toyota Corolla S ? help me decide.?

This is a mail from One of Date360 readers and He urgently Needs Your advice on this., So for the Car Gurus and autos Expert on here.. Kindly help him..


I am Going to buy a Car This Month, I am looking for a Honda accord 03-05 (End Of Discussion) or Toyota Corolla Sports 03-06., This is the first car i would be owning and one of the most important for me is reliability as i don't want a car that would be giving me problems..

End Of Discussion (Honda Accord 2005)

Toyota Corolla sports

Which one should I get??

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Honda na baba compare to the sport now.
U needed to think of the 2nd hand value of any car b4 buying Honda don't hve dat.
EOD has too mny prblms! Tlkn frm xperience!

Honda Accord 2005. I have been driving it since 2010 till date and its still new. I bought it then @ 1.8 Million Naira, Lagos Clearing. I have never lacked money to maintain my Honda Accord 2005 Model since 2010 till now. Sweet car any day any time. Buy any car of your choice and u will never lack maintenance money, besides my car never disappoints and i only visit my mechanic for services. When u buy a good car, u will use it for years without mechanical faults


EOD any time any day. Na Honda Cross-tour I wan buy now insha Allah






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