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What Do You Understand About The Misunderstood Alté Culture?


By now everybody’s first thought at the word “Alté”  is ‘alternative,’ at least we have managed to understand that, then the rest of our thoughts as the ‘non-alté’ group of people will be all the traits associated to everything alternative and unconventional.     Urban dictionary defines “alté” as: often misunderstood …

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Smashing Looks From The BET Awards Blue Carpet

Who else hasn’t gotten over the recently held BET Awards even though you watched it on cable? We are also on this table and still finding it hard to let go of all the smashing styles we peeped on the blue carpet. The performances were out of the world as …

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What Do You Know About Medicinal Cannabis?

Medicinal Cannabis

Pay attention to word “medicinal” so that we can have a smooth ride on this post. It is normal for anyone to be stuck on the vicious effects that cannabis is believed to have when smoked and abused, but hey! there is something called “medicinal cannabis” so don’t be caught …

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What Is Your Lagos Story?

What is your Lagos story

“What is your Lagos story?” Which Nollywood sound track did that play in your ears? Ghegheghe gheun!!! This post is going to be a blog series about my Lagos living and I promise you it’s going to be interesting.  For anyone who doesn’t stay in Lagos – I am sure …

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Celebrities Dazzle For The Bling Lagosians Premiere

The Bling Lagosians

Two things, you might either be caught up wondering why bling accessories and clothing are all over Lagos markets or why they are scarce. The recently premiered movie titled ‘The Bling Lagosians’ will be the reason why. Movie premieres these days are coming heavily than just showcasing for the first …

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