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27 Most Dangerous Martial Arts In The World [+Pictures]

27. Vale Tudo Originated in Brazil, meaning “anything goes.” It is a full contact combat sport that has almost No rules. 26. Pugilism Pugilism is popularly known as Boxing. In this kind of combat the head is the primary target, although punches to the body are also performed. 25. Jailhouse Rock This kind …

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25 Most Violent Gangs In The World [+Pictures]

25. Nuestra Familia Founded in 1968, Nuestra Familia is a felonious organization of Mexican-American prison gang originating in Northern California. Drug trafficking within prison systems and in the community and extorting drug distributors in the streets are their primary sources of income. Murder and racketeering are some of their deviant doings. …

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List of All Polytechnics in Nigeria

This is the complete list of all polytechnics in Nigeria, and we’ve published them here. 1. Abia State polytechnic 2. Adamawa State polytechnic,Yola 3. Akanu Ibiam Federal polytechnic, Unwana 4. Allover central polytechnic,Sango-Ota Ogun State 5. Akwa Ibom State polytechnic 6. Auchi polytechnic, Auchi 7. Dorben polytechnic (formerly Abuja School of …

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