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What Is Your Lagos Story?

What is your Lagos story

“What is your Lagos story?” Which Nollywood sound track did that play in your ears? Ghegheghe gheun!!! This post is going to be a blog series about my Lagos living and I promise you it’s going to be interesting.  For anyone who doesn’t stay in Lagos – I am sure …

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Celebrities Dazzle For The Bling Lagosians Premiere

The Bling Lagosians

Two things, you might either be caught up wondering why bling accessories and clothing are all over Lagos markets or why they are scarce. The recently premiered movie titled ‘The Bling Lagosians’ will be the reason why. Movie premieres these days are coming heavily than just showcasing for the first …

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Turmeric Returns As New Age Skin Care Remedy

Turmeric Skin Care

The easy access to turmeric powder in our kitchen and stores near us would make one think it is just a random skin care remedy you were lucky to stumble on Pinterest. Can we begin from how long it has been in use and how it made its way back …

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