Date360 Interviews:: Beri Beri crooner, Dencia Declares ‘I Am Ready To Pose Nude’

Beri Beri crooner, Dencia, is one of the hottest controversies cladded babes in the nation's music industry. However, not much is known about her.

In this interview with THE NATIONAL MIRROR, the emerging Afro-pop music queen, born Reprudencia Sonkey, revealed some interesting and hilarious details about her life, Excerpts:

Q:::::How would you describe your personality?

A:::::I am just different, though; people call me Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and all that, I am Dencia. Those people mentioned and I have different styles and our kinds of music are different. You already have two hit singles to your credit, when are you dropping a full album? I am not thinking about album right now because I am still building my fan base. Beri Beri was my debut single that I released but I have other songs that were never released. I did not release them because they are too western, a kind of Californian touch that might not work in Africa. I may release those songs after I might have built my fan base.
Q:::::What about your mother?

A:::::She is in Cameroun but I don't really care because I am now a grown up woman. My grandmother remains my mother till date; my mum is still considered as a sister, so where is my father going to come in? Uncle or what? Sometimes things are better left the way they are.
Q::::What about the news making the rounds that you went under the knives for body augmentation?

A:::::No, I haven't done any body augmentation

Q:::::What about your boobs and butt?

A:::::Do they look like as if they have been augmented (shaking her boobs)? You are here with me, do they look fake? I don't have cosmetic surgery.

Q:::::It was in the news sometimes ago that you were involved in a dirty fight with a friend...

A:::::I wouldn't call her a friend but a stranger. A friend can never attack me. For somebody to have attacked me, I will call the person a stranger. I did not fight with anybody, I was going to the bathroom and I was attacked. Fortunately, my Personal Assistant and some other people were there to stop her from going any further.

Q:::::Can you pose nude for products or brands?

A::::::I will bare it all if it's for a good cause! I am an animal lover and I don't mind posing nude for Peta, a firm in America that fights for rights of animals. If they are torturing animal somewhere and I have to go and campaign against that, I will bare it all. Mind you, so far my boobs are covered with fur or something while the rest of the body will be out.

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