Expect A Grammy Award From Me” – Capital F.E.M.I.

In Nigeria, only a few R n B artists have been able to hold their own. The party songs seem to sell more as few Nigerians care about the lyrical strength of songs they listen to; the beat does it all. This has in so many ways affected R n B in the fast-growing Nigerian music industry, with artistes like Iyanya getting his big break when he left R n B. This may be why many Nigerians wouldn’t know who Capital F.E.M.I is, but it doesn’t take anything away from the man who against all odds have stuck to R n B, winning the award of ‘R n B vocalist of the year 2011’
Olufemi, Adeyinka, signed to Kennis Music may have a celebrity brother, who could put in a good word for him and make him appear at as many events as possible, but Capital F.E.M.I is talented and believes in himself; he is bent on working hard to get everything he wants, even a Grammy. That’s not to say Gbenga Adeyinka (the first) did nothing to enhance his brother’s career; he set up a meeting with Kennis Music when Capital F.E.M.I returned to Nigeria, the record label that eventually signed the singer.
Answering questions on what Capital F.E.M.I will be or do in the in the next three years, the talented singer said;
“One, my album is out already titled, “the year of R n B” and it is few months old now. so in the next three years, you will expect more songs and videos from that album. Actually, a new video has been released in November from the album titled ‘Capital F.E.M.I.’ so you expect to see more on the live performance of me. Expect a Grammy award from me.”
He doesn’t just expect a Grammy to fall on his laps, Capital F.E.M.I says he’s working very hard towards achieving this goal.
“I’m working every day towards that. For me, when I started singing, even before I talked about coming back to Nigeria, the highest award and honour in music is the Grammy award. For me, I believe you always have to aim for the highest. Sometimes, it seems impossible. I believe somebody did it before me so, why can’t I get there? Some years from now, with God’s favour and good health, with support from media and my fans, Grammy is really attainable.
The Abeokuta, Ogun State born artist moved to the United States of America at the age of 12, but music brought him back to Nigeria in 2009. He came around to check out the industry, and he decided to stay.
Capital F.E.M.I who started singing in the US disclosed how tough it was, having to combine several things, but his passion for music kept him going.

“It was really very tough because, I was combining that with other things,” Capital FM said. “I was doing what I love to do (singing), I was working full time and at the same time, I was going for my academics. When I was done with school, I was still working full time. When I work like 5-6hours, in the night, I will go to studio for my music. Sometimes, I would be in the studio till 2-3:30 in the morning. I was so hectic but you see, there is nothing better than doing what you like. When you do what you like, it doesn’t feel like work. There is this sense of satisfaction that I got.”
His first album was “Never felt a love”. Capital F.E.M.I explained why the title crossed his mind, saying it came out of an experience he had.
“The music “never felt a love” came out of experience and I think there is a time; you either fall in or out of love. That is what it is like. Some people fall many times some fall few times, some people don’t even fall. Your heart is your heart. I think never felt a love was out of experience and I thank God for the song. The song came with the help of some amazing musicians from America. The name of the recording company is Sure Buyers Music Company. They have produced several songs in America,” he said.
And when he won the “Best RnB Vocalist Award of 2011”, Capital F.E.M.I expressed the overwhelming joy he felt as he was not expecting to win.
“When I was nominated for the award in 2011, I didn’t think I was going to win the award. The reason was that every one that was nominated with me, in that category, had a full album that they had already dropped. So everybody had already listened to what they have to offer but for me I have not. So in that category, I thanked God I was nominated but there was a chance that I was not going to win the award. The reason was because I don’t have a full album. When they called my name that I won, I was like, amidst of people with full album, how could this be possible. Some of them are my seniors in the industry. So I was grateful and I thank God for that.”
The handsome singer says he handles his female fans well. “I am not going to say that I am the sexiest artiste now but I know I am not that ugly,” Capital F.E.M.I said smiling. “What I have come to understand is that in anything, you are doing, especially, when you are into entertainment, you must have fans. If you don’t have fans, it means you are not doing the job well. If you are a man and you don’t have female fans, then something is wrong somewhere likewise female. One thing about me is that I respect my fans so much and I believe that without them, there is no me.”
He appreciates the female fans though, but for Capital F.E.M.I, “an ideal woman is a God fearing woman. A woman that is ready to accept me for me. What I do can be tough for a woman. You know I am a man and my fan base is mainly woman. So I need a woman that is secure in herself. That is my ideal woman. Remember that an ideal woman is not the person that has a nice waist, or shape, she should be an intellectual and strong within herself. A woman that is ready to support you when you fall.”
And Capital F.E.M.I says he has found his ideal woman.

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