I Can Have My 3 Wives, God Told Only Bishops To Have 1 Wife ––Evangelist (Oba) Adedapo

Evangelist Adedapo Tejuoso is an Oba and the Oshinle of Oke-Ona in Egba, Ogun State. He was already in a polygamous relationship before he became a born again christian, he has three wives. In this very frank and somewhat controversial chat, he defends his three wives saga.

People talk so much about your 3 glamorous wives, how do you manage the home without rancour?
Who am I to manage? I don’t manage anything; it’s only Christ who manages our affairs. The Bible says the man will leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and the two shall become one. It may not be too easy for the two of you to become one if you are not a believer but it is easy if you have Christ. It will be very unfortunate for the couple if the wife does not have Christ living in her as her husband because they will continue to be at loggerheads. Now imagine three of them with different things living in them, that could be very terrible. But if Christ lives in me and Beelzebub lives in one of them, we will never agree.

In Christianity, it is one man one wife but at a point in your life, you became a born again Christian with three wives. How were you able to convince them to accept Christ?

I have told you I have absolutely no power of my own. In the first instance, God knew why He brought the four of us together and he knew what He wanted to achieve. In the Bible, people say one man one wife but really if you look in the Bible thoroughly, I do not see where God specifically says so. The only thing that God says in the Epistles is that if you want to be a bishop in the church, you must be a man of one wife. I am not a bishop. Although again I wonder why God is using me as an evangelist. God said he would show mercy to whoever He pleases and no one can query that. It’s God who decides all these things.
Look at the kings in the Bible, they are all polygamists. Where do you think King David is today? In heaven of course. Do you know how many wives he had? David was one of the greatest prophets in the Bible: he was a king, he was a polygamist and God told everyone that cared to listen that he was a man after His heart. Even Abraham, the father of faith; this is the way I look at this thing. I am not justifying polygamy; I am not saying it is good but I thank God that I was a polygamist before God arrested me and I thank God that He did not arrest me alone but arrested all my three wives with me. So, it is Christ that reigns in our lives.

Monarchs are called Kabiyesi (nobody can question him) in Yoruba land which is an attribute of the almighty God. If you had your way, would you stop people from calling youkabiyesi?I don’t think there is a harm in calling a king kabiyesi as long as the king is aware of the fact that there is a kabiyesi that is greater than any other kabiyesi in heaven. We are representing God on earth.
When you were to be chosen as oba, the Ifa oracle must have been consulted. But now that you have become a born-again Christian, what do you think should be used to select future kings?When Jesus Christ was born, he was born in the era of the law. He was baptised and circumcised on the eighth day. They killed doves and pigeons and all the sacrifices were made for his christening. Of course, Jesus Christ did not come for all those things but he was in the world in an era of the law. The period of grace did not start until he had done the sacrifice that he came to this world to do for your sin and my sin so we can be saved. 
The mere fact that he was in this world during the dispensation of the law and he had to abide by what the law said at that time didn’t mean that we should now be there after he had done the sacrifice, shedding his precious blood. We must not go back into that era. Pigeons and others were killed for his naming ceremony and he had done the greatest sacrifice, we will be nailing him to the cross again the second time if we do it. When I was coming in as oba, God specifically told me I should go through everything they wanted me to go through and God gave me a sign. At that time, He revealed to me that I was covered in black and as soon as I left Ipebi, He revealed another sign to me that I was covered in white. That means I had gone through what He wanted me to go through just like Jesus Christ went through everything that was necessary during his naming ceremony. Those who took me through all the ifa and initiation rose against me but they couldn’t overpower me because they knew I knew their secrets. Now that I know their secrets, I have gone over and above them; I am now in Christ. Whoever wants to attack me would have to contend with God, Christ first and if they succeed, then, they can come for me.

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Comment by Olumide on October 5, 2013 at 11:00pm

very nice response....very intuitive.

Comment by kaolad on September 30, 2013 at 1:19am
Faith is d key word here ,if u believe u shall be saved,no weapon can get uuuuuU o so kabiYesi keep it up
Comment by Dickson Chidiebere on September 29, 2013 at 9:24pm
Good one I like your faith evangelist
Keep it up




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