Interviews:: Wizkid: ‘Me? Have A Kid? Doesn’t That Sound Funny?’

EME’s young money bag, Ayo Balogun, better known as Wizkid, Wizzy or Wiz, bares it all in a first-of-its-kind extensive newspaper interview to Osagie. Taking it from the very beginning, the ladies’ man and pop star talks about how he made his transition from the boy next door to superstar. Wiz speaks on family, career, love, rumours, fantasies and his future focus.

Wizkid how are you?

I’m alright. I’m very good…thank you! I feel great because of the way you introduced me.

Your album, ‘Super Star’, is finally out! Why did you even name the album ‘Superstar’?

Well the thing is, I’d put everything into that album. I actually wanted to name the album ‘My Time’. After a while I realized that I needed something more significant. Something that relates to me. And Banky had been calling me ‘Super Star‘ since the day he met me, so he asked me ‘what about SuperStar?’ and I was like ‘that sounds good’ and it depicts everything we’ve been doing. And when I dropped the album, things we thought were going to happen, eventually happened…like people bought the album, the concert was sold out, and everything is going on well, I thank God for that.

Talking about the concert, how did you feel when your mum came on the stage while you were performing? Did you ever think you would one day perform with her on stage while the whole crowd goes wild?

Well I had a plan that I was going to bring my mum on stage. I mean she’s the number one woman in my life right now, and I wanted to show her my love. I didn’t know it was going to get that emotional for people because I saw girls crying. Even the backstage crew were crying. I just thank my fans for appreciating that. It is very important for us to remember mothers because they do a lot for us. Shout out to my mum (laughs)

Was your mother ever supportive of your playing music or against it?

I’m not going to lie to you; I think this is actually the reason why I love my mum. She’s never for one day told me what to do or what not to do. I started dancing at first. I was in the choir. I was a worker in the church. I was in tune with everything and I was that guy people knew and wanted to relate with. So my mum was happy because I brought her joy. When I started my music, she gave me all the support she could. Trust me my mum has always been there. But my father (pauses and laughs), you know every father definitely wants to see his child go to school, you know the way how parents are. My father wasn’t supportive at first but right now, he sees things are going well and so he’s showing me a lot of support and I love him as well.

Let’s go back to the beginning. Starting as a young kid, how were your childhood years? Were you exposed to music? What was your background like? Were your folks active church members?

Most definitely my mum is an active church member; my mum is very close to Christ. She brought me up in the way of the Lord. Music has always been around me. My dad loves music, he listens to a lot of Haruna Ishola, and listening to those people made me realize that I could take a little bit from them. That influenced my kind of music, I’m not going to lie. I still have a little bit of Fuji fused in my kind of music. I also listened to Snoop Dogg, Bow Wow and when I was 11 I saved money to buy Craig David‘s cassette. I also listened to Master P and I was a big fan of Lil Bow Wow. That Hip Hop culture has always been around me.

So you finally got your self into the choir?

The funny thing was I didn’t even get myself into the choir because I had a very loud voice (laughs). I was an usher in church and I was in a dance group of 4 called ‘IHS‘. It was too much stress for me going back and forth. So I just stopped one. I started dancing and then I was an usher in church. Then after a while I started doing my rap thing with a group of four boys.

So you were rapping as well?

Yeah, I was rapping at first. In fact I rapped in my first major performance. That was really touching for me. Any time I remember that moment, I feel good. I also saw my sisters in the crowd watching me perform, I understood how they felt. They were in my first ever performance, and that means a lot to me. Shout out to my sisters, I love them. I love my family!

What part of Lagos did you grow up in?

I grew up in lot of places. My grandma stays in Ajegunle, so sometimes I go there to chill with her. That was where I picked a little bit of the ghetto stories. I’m not a ‘buttie’ boy. A lot of people actually think I’ve never been to Ajegunle or all these kind of places. I go to some places and people think I live in America. I’ve lived in Ajegunle, I grew up in Alaba, and I also grew up in Surulere. I saw the hustle on the streets. I didn’t just come out today and everything worked out for me. I went through the hustle and I thank God I’m here right now. But I still rep my hood, Surulere, that’s where I actually started.

So how did the transition work out for you? From you being an usher in the church to a dancer to switching over to secular music and then going into music full time.

As a kid, you really have no choice. You have to follow your mum to church whether you like it or not, that’s actually the way it is. So I just had to go church, stay active in church and do something for Christ. Me going secular, doesn’t mean I’d forget the fact that there’s a God. I’m just trying to explore my talent, that is what I would say. Half of the people in the entertainment industry actually started from the church, because those were the basics for me. It’s not like I just switched or something like that. As I grew up I discovered a lot of things I just wanted to explore.

So this means you were quite popular in Secondary school because you were dancing?

(Laughs) Go to my secondary school…everybody knows me. I think that actually added to my fame. A lot of people have known me before now. I was that boy that used to go the studio. I was always around performing at carnivals. I had a lot of older friends. People know me in my hood. So that’s it!

So you attended LASU, when did you start out studying there?

I studied Sociology when I was in LASU. I was there for a year, and then when the strike started…you know like that long strike…for months…

Was that at Ojo?

Yeah, that was at Ojo. You know I learnt a lot from there because that’s actually like another world on its own. I learnt a lot that has actually helped me to be a better person. I’ve made mistakes like every normal young person should. And I’ve learnt from my mistakes as well. I grew up in plenty places…I’m in touch with the ghetto… (Laughs)

Were you active musically in school?

Yeah, most definitely! When I was in secondary school I was miming and people knew me as a dancer. I used to dance, I used to mime and every thing. And when I got to my University, that’s in LASU, .I was already Wizkid.

What was the name you were bearing before Wizkid?

I was called Lil’ Prince for a while but then I was always looking for a change of name. I thought about Lil’ Bow Wow, we had Lil Romeo…so Lil Prince sounded too cliché like Nigerian Lil Bow Wow (Laughs). When I was in secondary school I had a lot of nicknames. People used to call me ‘Too Short’ because I was the shortest in the class and I wouldn’t say I was a rude boy, but at least some people were scared of me then.

But you were not tall?


Be a man about it, say it ‘I’m short’.

Yes I’m short; I’ve accepted (Laughs)

So how did you get the name Wizkid?

I actually got the name from a very funny incident I don’t want to go into. A private incident happened within my family so my sister teased me with the name ‘Wizkid’ for a while and it stuck. So I just felt it was a perfect name for me

On your relationship with Knighthouse, I know you were hanging around Knighthouse a lot at one period…

Yeah, before I got signed I used to do all my work at Knighthouse. And after I got signed I still did some of my work at there. Knighthouse is a family to me and my management, and apart from my management even my label as well. Everybody just wanted to make good music there. I loved going there just to get inspired. Meeting a lot of people coming in, trying to record songs.

How did you hook up with EME? You knew Banky W already; he’d already dropped his single. How did you hook up with your manager Osagie?

Well the way me and Osagie hooked up was so funny because when I started making my music, I just used to put it up on the internet. Like I had a Facebook account, I had a MySpace account, I had a Reverbnation account and I just wanted to put my music out there for people to listen to. I used to like to check what’s going on, who I can get help from, you how it is. One day I saw a message in my inbox that there’s an upcoming gig ‘at Club Nomoreloss‘ for acts above the age of 18 at Planet One. I replied the message and tried auditioning but Nomoreloss replied me and was like ‘Sorry the commission was only for 18 and above’. Then after that I just kept on recording, doing a couple of collaborations, and then I worked with Nyore who is friends with Osagie. She talked to Osagie about me and one morning I just woke up and I saw a text from the other number I sent a message to earlier. So I got credit, called back and we hooked up. And from the first day we met there was this connection; you could tell that I understood her, I like the kind of person she was, and I knew that we could work definitely. So it just kicked-off from there and since then we’ve been together…

So how did you get to hook up with Banky and EME in general?

Before EME, I’d actually been recording. I’d done songs with M.I on his ‘Talk About It‘ album. And after that people started paying attention to the brand Wizkid, and to the voice and they wanted to see the face behind the voice. People were shocked to see or to know that it was a young person because the song was kind of like a hit on the album. So after recording songs with M.I and Kel, I started to back them up at some shows. So there was a show we had in a high school and Banky was supposed to perform as well. But that day I don’t know what happened I think I got there late or something and I wasn’t able to perform. So after the whole show, Banky was like ‘let’s go to the house and have drinks’. We went to his house, and we were there for like an hour or so. People were just talking and gisting. Banky didn’t even know I was Wizkid until M.I mentioned my name. And he was like ‘Wait, wait, wait…who’s Wizkid? You’re Wizkid? Segun This is the Wizkid, I’ve been looking for’. You know he was talking to me and I was like ah! We talked, he gave me a better deal and I went for it.

So what’s your relationship with Mr. Demuren, do you guys vibe?

Of course.

Who do you vibe with most, Banky or him?

Banky of course, because we live together. He’s like a big brother to me so it’s definitely Banky. But you know Segun is like a father figure for the both of us. A father figure like an uncle, he’s my boss. I appreciate the fact that I’m working with him because he’s a great person.

Back to your music. First of all, I’ll like to talk about your genre of music. It’s really confusing for everybody; you do Fuji, Reggae, Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop

The thing is I’m happy that people are beginning to get it. Thinking of the name Wizkid, it means ‘smart kid in whatever he or she does’. Think about it. Just like the name, it just reflects in my work. Because anytime I’m in the studio I don’t think about me making R&B songs or Reggae songs, I just go with what I feel. So anytime I’m in the studio, I try as much as possible to create my sound. And that is something I’ve been trying to make people understand, because every time I do something, people go ‘Why is he sounding like this on this track? But we like it’ I want you guys to be able to accept whatever I do, as far as the sound is good and it’s good music. So I’m not going to lie to you, I even find it hard to tell people what kind of music I make. I just make good music. Yeah that’s it! I try as much as possible to explore and experiment with my voice. There’s no where you can’t go with music. People should accept it. I really appreciate that people love my tunes right now.

Do you write your music or do you freestyle?

Okay (Laughs) sometimes I freestyle, some times I write. But the thing is, whenever I’m making music I freestyle a little bit first then I re-write. But at times, I just drop them as freestyles. I do both!

Who is your favorite producer. I should think it’s SamKlef or you might mention another person?

Funny enough I actually love to work with a lot of people. I love to work with different people, I love to jump on any beat that sounds good and different and new. I love to work with Samklef, I love to work with Jay Sleek. I love to work with Sunny, he produced some tracks on my album. I’ll definitely want to work with a lot of people in the industry such as Don Jazzy, Cobhams you know! I just love a producer who can give me a new sound, something different, something fresh! A lot of people are good.

A lot of people have said that the chemistry between you and Samklef is just unbelievable

Yeah, most definitely, SamKlef is like a brother to me.

From zero to hero, no name to big fame; within a short period seems your name has catapulted out to every corner. So how have you been able to cope?

Man it’s crazy…not everybody understands the fact that you’re busy. They know you’re busy but they still want to talk to you…they want to be able to call and say ‘hey sit down here’ but I’m just trying as much as possible to live my life and make people understand. But it’s been good so far, I give God the glory. He’s been bringing blessings my way; he’s been making things happen for me. I thank God and my fans. It’s been stressful. The most important thing is actually your friends’ part because a lot of people now think you have a big ego because of who you are. Like they don’t want to understand that you’re busy doing shows. Making music to entertain them themselves (laughs). So like it’s very crazy. I just try as much as possible to do my thing.

How often do you see your family?

Ah, my family…I see my family once in a while. I’m definitely in touch with my family, once in a while sha but I see my family. I even saw my mum yesterday..

Ok, let’s go to the online world; Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, how do you relate with your fans? How can you control what you say? How do you react to negative comments?

The thing is I believe I have a big fan base on Facebook and Twitter put together because a lot of young people are in touch with the internet. Trust me when things come up on the internet, it’s everywhere. It’s kind of like a big platform for me and I wouldn’t want to misuse it. I try as much as possible to watch what I tweet. Sometimes when you see some hate tweet you tend to reply. I actually see more of love tweets than hate tweets by the way. And trust me; I just try as much as possible to connect with my fans. I try as much as possible to reply their tweets, I try to follow back and on Facebook I try to connect with them as well. I try to do my thing.

Do you get carried away with fame?

The good thing is when you have people around you that keep you in check then it reminds you of where you’re coming from and where you’re going to. And everybody around me helps me with that. It gets into everybody. It does for every big artiste in the world today. Definitely it just gets into you at one minute, but if you can manage it, that’s the most important thing. I’m still myself. Though I can’t do some things I used to do before….

Like what?

I can’t walk on the streets. If I’m in a car that’s not tinted, it’s trouble. So there’s a lot of things I can’t do again. But I’m a cool guy I think. I’m pretty cool. I like to have fun and I like to make people laugh as well

So how do you respond to rumours?

Ah rumours? Erm, when they first started they kept on coming real hard and I was like c’mon is it just me? And after a while if you are who you are, it won’t get to you. The likes of 2baba, D’Banj, Banky W, M.I, get rumors as well. It’s not new. So I now I just understand that rumours will definitely come up. Even bigger ones are going to come. It’s just me managing it that’s the problem but, I just pray God is with me.

Do you get some knocks on the door?

Sure man. Neighbours across the street come to take pictures, autographs and CDs and stuff. It feels great you know, I feel very blessed.

There was once a rumour that you actually carried narcotics to Scotland…

(Laughs) I was in Benin performing, so I really don’t know what happened. Even my mum called me the next morning to confirm. That was really funny. There are some rumours, I just laugh at. But I’m surprised because in the space of five minutes everyone’s talking about it. It’s kind of a big deal because you can’t explain to everybody how it is. You just release a press statement or just do what you can; because there’s nothing really you can do about the rumours. They keep coming and you just got to do what you got to do.

There was this day on Twitter you and the Benin rapper Cyrus Tha Virus got into a little argument

Yeah that was a long time ago…

Reading both tweets, I think he first tweeted at you?

Yeah, he first tweeted at me…and I was just talking about Nicki Minaj, and you know I think I misinterpreted his tweet or something. I can’t remember what happened, but I saw a tweet like ‘you’re a small boy, how would you know?’ and I got pissed off (Laughs). C’mon what’s wrong with this guy I don’t even know him.

Do you guys vibe now?

I don’t even know him. I met him before actually, but after that time I never met him again.I really don’t know.

Who do you choose to follow on Twitter? I mean everybody can’t be a Don Jazzy

I know I know Don Jazzy has a lot of time. That’s what people don’t understand. That Don Jazzy is Don Jazzy so he has time to do this because he’s worked. So this is my own time, let me work, when I have time I’ll come and reply tweets. People take shots like ‘Yo, why are you not like Don Jazzy’ yeah am like this people don’t understand, but I try as much as possible to follow people I can follow whenever I’m on Twitter when I have the time to tweet. The thing is I’m pretty much a reserved person. It’s only when I’m with my people, I’m trying to make people laugh and everything. I’m pretty reserved; I’ll really not want to put my business out there for people. Shout out to my followers they’re like the most wonderful people in the world. I didn’t have to print a promo copy for ‘Don’t Dull‘ or ‘Tease Me‘, all I had to do was to put it up on Twitter and it became this big. So shout out to my followers. I really appreciate them, and God will continue to bless them. Thanks for supporting the brand ‘Wizkid’.

What are the rituals you do before a show? You know the things you do before you get on stage?

I pray, trust me like I pray a lot. Sometimes there’s just this pressure. You feel like you’re going to kill this show, but you come out maybe the mic is bad, or something, or maybe you’re expecting the crowd to go crazy, and you try to make them move but they don’t budge. Right now it’s different. I can get on stage and people will move to music, because I have an album in the streets and people like it . So the only thing I do is pray before I go on stage. I do that a lot.

Are you looking out for any award? Do you really mind if you win awards or not? Would you measure your success by awards you get or don’t get? Do you crave them?

I don’t. I don’t crave awards. I’m not that kind of a person. Trust me, it’s a good thing. Definitely every artiste wants to get an award. But I don’t crave awards. If I don’t get it, it’s not a problem for me because being nominated alone actually means they appreciate your work. Or that you’ve pushed your music to a point where it’s not just appreciated by the fans, but by the corporate people, and the people that run the awards as well. So being nominated is good for me. I don’t crave awards, trust me! All I want to do is; feed my family, feed myself, and take care of my friends. Everyone craves a Grammy! But you know I’m not going to lie to you, if I don’t win it’s all good. As long as I make music and it’s selling and my people like it.

Ok. If you were to name a foreign female pop artiste who’s between the ages of 20 to 25 that you could date, who would it be?

Female artistes? Why female… (Laughs) Everybody knows I have a crush on Nicki Minaj. She’s very versatile whenever she’s on a track. I like the fact that she has a lot of energy and she’s a good performer as well. I like Nicki. I’d like to date Nicki.

Let’s get back to your album. How long did it take you to record it apart from singles that you released like ‘Don’t Dull’, ‘Tease me’ and ‘Holla at ur boy’.

The thing is, when I was dropping my singles, people immediately loved them. When I dropped ‘Holla at ur boy‘ people liked it. I dropped ‘Tease me’ and they started bumping my joints in the club. ‘Don’t Dull’? People are going crazy about it. Definitely the next step was to finish the album. And the thing is I never stopped working. Like I’m always in the studio trying to make something. I love being in the studio, I love making music. Music is a way of life for me. So, me making the album, I don’t think I had a time frame. Okay there was a point I had to finish because the demand was crazy, people were like ‘you have to drop your album soon’. I’d already finished but I had like 2 or 3 songs to complete, then I was feeling sick. I had a cold but I still had to record. I think it took me…..erm I can’t really say, I just kept recording and recording…

Who did you want to be on the album that didn’t make it?

I wanted 2Face to be on the album, but he had to travel to the States. He had a show and he was quite busy. Though we recorded a couple of stuff…you know I recorded something with him already, but we’ll definitely record more stuff and drop it soon. But I really wanted 2Face to be on the album.

So you have a track with 2face?

We have something we worked on.

But it hasn’t been released?

No, it’s not even my stuff…it’s his stuff.

So let’s quickly go to your label mate, Skales, how’s he doing?

He’s doing very well. Skales is coming up with mad singles. Yeah watch out for your boy.

How’s your relationship with Skales, did you guys vibe before the EME signing?

Yeah , of course. I was the one that was even pushing for Skales more. I think we met at SilverBird Cinemas when they used to host the ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ show. I heard his stuff and we spoke. I liked his person and I liked his music as well. Skales is like a brother even though I’m a year older than him (Laughs). He’s still like my lil’ brother but then he’s bigger than me. He’s like my person you know. Definitely, I look out for him.

Are you still pushing for any other person to join the EME family? Or it’s just three of you guys

No no no… we’re good for now. We’re good for now (Laughs)…not now. We’re very good for now.

You’re a big fan of tattoos I see?

I have like four tats and they each mean something to me.

Okay, let’s meet the controversial side of Wizkid…


Do you know Tonto Dike?

(Laughs) Yeah, of course she’s my friend.

Tonto Dike is your friend? You guys have never dated?

No, we haven’t (Laughs)

So why are people insinuating that you guys went out?

Because we were just too close (Laughs)

You were too close for friends?

Not like we were too close for friends. She’s like my person, you know. I just used to tweet at her. It all started on Twitter actually…

Oh, you guys hooked up on Twitter?

I tweeted at her, ‘I’m a big fan’ and she replied me ‘oh, thank you very much’. And I was like ‘oh, my wife o’ and she was like ‘oh, my husband o’ and people took it seriously.

Okay, do you watch her movies?

Yes, I’ve seen some of her movies.

Which one?

I can’t remember (Laughs). I think I’ve seen the ‘Dirty Secret’. I think that’s the one.

Are you dating anybody?

Nah, I’m liking somebody.


I’m not going to tell you about her (Laughs)

She’s liking you too?

Of course I know she likes me (Laughs) and I like her

What’s the average price for a Wizkid show? I mean I want to bring Wizkid for a party, how much will it cost me?

Hmm…Millions (Laughs). You’ve got to be talking in six figures. That’s it! We don’t go below that.

So if your cousin has a show, how much will you charge?

(Laughs) Omo, my cousin gaan is my friend, so my cousin should know before he calls me that his cousin has to eat. My cousins look out for me; even my cousin will not bring a show for me for less than six figures.

What are your favourite songs on the album?

I like all the songs on the album. Each of the songs on the album means something different to me. I like ‘Scatter the floor’ a lot I’m not going to lie. From the beat to the lyrics to the rhymes, to the flow I used on that song, I think it was incredible. I think it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. That’s a serious tune. It’s original. That’s a very different sound. I’ve never heard anything like that before. So it’s ‘Scatter the floor‘ and ‘Oluwa Loni‘ because I had to tell what I was feeling on the song.

People say you sound like Sean Kingston?

Well a lot of people say that. They say I sound like a lot of people, trust me. But what will I do? I listen to a lot of people.

You performed in Malaysia, right? How was the reception?

It was crazy! We had like 4000 to 6000 people in attendance.


And it was sold out. It was mad. Even the people at the hotel where we lodged and performed broke their records for drinks ever sold. That was a big deal for me. Malaysia was crazy! I met one Chinese girl, she was a fan… (Laughs).From Botswana residents to Ghanians, Kenyans, you know a lot of people out there in Malaysia came out to show love. The show was really nice.

Cool. Well apart from Malaysia and Nigeria, where have you performed that felt a lot of reception?

I think in London. I performed in London…it was crazy. The girls were wild. That was good. And Ghana as well. Ghana was really great. I didn’t expect it to be like that. From the first song to the last song people were going crazy. So Ghana was kind of nuts as well.

What are your worst performances, that you got off the stage and you said what the hell just happened? When was that?

Wow, I’ll try and think about it. Erm, the thing is I try as much as possible to manage every situation I get into whenever I’m performing, and I think that’s the key thing. To be a performer and an entertainer you have to know how to work with your crowd, you have to know what songs to perform what exactly gets them popping and dancing. I think the worst performance I ever had was before I became this big. That was when I had to perform at a street carnival, while I was performing people were just having their own party on their own (Laughs)


You know in those carnivals we have a bunch of artists performing, like 30 artists (Laughs) am not sure if they were throwing stones (Laughs)

How do you feel missing the US performance? The US tour. It was all over the place.

It was mad because the tickets sold too fast, before I said I was coming. You know like it was crazy. But I felt bad missing it. Definitely I’m still going…like next month. My fans are still definitely going to see me. Definitely am hoping this one is bigger. Like the taste and hunger for Wizkid is more now in the US. I know my fans are looking out for it. We’ll still get there. (Laughs)

Your relationship with Nigerian artistes, your colleagues, what’s it like?

I have so much respect for them. Like everybody in Nigerian entertainment industry is like a big brother and a friend to me. Especially, when I’m a fan of their music. I listen to everybody o. From Timaya to Terry G, I listen to a lot of people. So I respect everybody for what they do. Forget where I am today. I’m into it and I’m doing it as well. So I know what takes for them to be there and they’re still there right now. So I have a lot respect for Nigerian artists that are doing very good. They’re my big brothers. Trust me.

How do you see yourself ten years from now?

10 years from now I’ll be old enough (Laughs) Uhm, that’s why I’m working, I’m not going to lie, that’s why I’m working.

You’ll be a man by then

Of course, of course, that’s why I’m doing a lot of work now. So like I’m doing so much. Like I still want to work. Like I want to be in the studio 24/7 and make good music. That’s actually what makes me happy. That’s what I know how to do well. Behind every successful man they say there’s a successful woman. But trust me it is hard work. Every successful man or woman that is where he/she is today that didn’t work hard as they did, I’m not sure they’ll be doing good right now. I’m sure the key to success is hard work, and I have to work. That is why I’m in the studio 24/7 to work. Look at the likes of Jay-Z, look at the likes of people still dropping albums now, and they’re doing very good and they’ve been here for more than ten years. Look at 2face, 2face has been here for like forever and he’s still one of the best, he’s still getting nominated for BET Awards, he’s still doing very well. So I know if I work hard I’ll be able to do music for very long time. And still be here for a long time.

Cool. Do you want to get married early?

Married early? I’m not even thinking of marriage. I’m not going to lie to you (Laughs)

You’re not thinking of marriage? You wouldn’t like to start a family early?

No, no, I’m not thinking about that right. All I think about is music right now man. Trust me, I’m not even thinking, you know it’s too complicated to even think about it. Right now I’m just focused on me making my music and me being a better person, and a better man. You know I’m still growing. I’ve been forced to grow faster than my age. I tend to learn fast, because most of the people around me are older. Like most of the people that do what I do are very old in the industry and more experienced. So I’m not going to lie to you, I’m not thinking of that right now, but if it comes like in the next 10 years or something (Laughs). If I want to settle down, I’ll holla at my… (Laughs) But I’m not thinking of it right now, I’m not going to lie to you.

There are a lot of people around you right now, so you can’t beat it, okay? But if a girl comes to you and say ‘Wizzy I think I’ve got your baby’?

(Laughs) I’ll first lose my mind. I don’t know. I don’t want to think about. That is not what I have planned for myself. I don’t have plans of being in that kind of situation.

There’s talk going on right now. That WizKid has a kid.

(Laughs) It sounds funny. Look at it ‘Wizkid has a kid’. Doesn’t that sound funny itself?

You’re saying it Isn’t true? That it’s just a rumour?

Yeah, na real rumour. In fact that’s the rumour! (Laughs). But I’m not thinking about that right now. I’m looking out for myself in that kind of situation. I’m looking out for myself

Cool. Nice talking to you Wizkid

Thanks for having me man. I really appreciate

culled from the Nigerian Entertainment Today

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