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Last friday night myself and my friends were out clubbing, a close friend of ours is fresh out, heartbroken and the works. I don't know how to provide tissue paper and bowls of Coldstone ice cream during a break up. So I offered we go out and dance away her sorrows.
Lowkey, I had this piece to write and I needed to do my research.
So I was working and having fun. *wink*
I observed guys come to our table with lame pick up lines, and the works.
So I decided to write a guide on how to woo a girl, better yet; How To Set A P.

When you meet a girl and you get to talking, let her have her way. Allow her to think she's 'winning'
Like take for instance...you meet a girl and she's telling you 'Suits' can not measure up to 'Scandal',  'Scandal' is a better show. Even when we all know 'Suits' is like the best thing since slice bread..agree with her,say oh yes totally...'Scandal' is actually better..remember its all a chase,you're putting up with her choices for a better good..'Getting her to be your girlfriend'
Don't fight her..or argue about mundane things like a tv show when she's still gauging your ass, best be a mild 'mugun'
I'm just saying..if you want her, be gentle.

Another major factor guys seem not to get right is this
When you're trying to set a 'P' forget about Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z (other babes)
See girls notice all these things,complete one P before you set out to embark on another P, it simply shows that you respect her and you're not a dog that goes from one babe to another.
When she sees you're giving her all of your attention,it shows you have loyalty.

Please and please don't come at her with the FWB (friends with benefit) approach
Friends with benefit simply means you're good enough to hang with; Go to the movies, go to concerts with...blah blah blah
You're good enough to lay with; You're skilled and have all the right prowess of a bedmate. Or like Drake said,
"This world is full of Hits and Misses the girls we f#@k and the ones we Wife up"
Some people are cool with being FWBs but on meeting a total stranger you can't just approach her with this, you can't tell if she's the type...only if you're psychic then indulge please.

When you meet a girl at a bar, don't walk up to her and say,
"Hi you look real pretty"
"Say hi I'm Jide..."
Just be you, don't be formal or informal. Just be you.
Because she knows she is pretty, people tell her that all the time, you coming up to her and stating the obvious is not and I repeat is not a stellar move. Do not start up a conversation with a girl by complimenting her physicals.

Half the time what girls want is simple...if a girl really and truly wants you...
She won't care that you're not earning 6 figures or you don't take her to fancy restaurants..she's waking up every morning thinking of how to better this new feeling she has developed...
She's saying corny things so she'll get you laughing.
You're probably at the stage where she likes you or safe to say she's attracted to you well enough to laugh at your dry jokes.

This is the easiest stage in a relationship, if you know she's the type that likes luxury, spend on her, take her on impromptu trips.
Just let it flow.
Allow it to come naturally.
Be You.
She'll appreciate it.

Oghomwen Toni-Osagie - Date360.net

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Comment by Chizzy Godwin on May 11, 2014 at 9:58pm
Nice one, buh I don't think this works tho. Mayb cos I loose my patience when I sense threat lOl.. Buh all the same its cool.

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